Virtual Reality

Learn and Explore All Fundamentals of Virtual Reality from Scratch

Virtual Reality

Course Information

Build professional VR applications using Unity 3D, a powerful cross-platform 3D engine that provides a user-friendly development environment. In this course, you will learn fundamentals of VR, how to build a VR application from the ground, how to dynamically create 3D objects, manipulate them, move around the 3D world, and create 3D menus. You will also learn how to make your application successful for your target users. Moreover, you will also learn how to identify and avoid typical problems. As a part of the programming instruction, you will also learn how to write C# scripts for more complex VR functionality.

Why Enroll

There are no strict prerequisites for the course. Anyone can take up and increase their skills and learn how to build a VR application. Some experience in Unity game engine as well as in C# script is a plus for learning VR. Moreover, we will provide tutorials and step by step procedures for the easy understanding of the course.

Career Prospects

As we are moving towards a world in which learning technology is quite important to improve your skill sets. Learning VR is also important because learning new technologies will be quite helpful in the future. Or we can say, these technologies are the future itself.

Course Detail

In this course, you will learn some fundamentals components of the virtual reality with creating some virtual reality applications. It will be interesting as well as quite challenging task, but we have made the VR course much easier and interactive for you.


About Course
Software and Hardware Requirements
Unity (Introduction)
Game Objects and Transformation
Google VR
Building for Android
Unity Assets Store
Gaze Input
Finding Model on Assets
Introduction to Gaze System
Creating Gaze System
Making Objects Gaze able
Finishing Gaze System
Demonstration of Gaze System
Introduction to Unity UI
Making Button Gaze able (Part-1)
Making Button Gaze ables (Part-2)
Adding Input Modes
Modifying Input Mode with Button
Texturing the Room & Adjusting the Lighting

Virtual Reality