Python Language

Learn and Make Projects Based on Python Language from Scratch

Python Language

Python is a prominently useful programming language utilized for both enormous and little scale applications. It is a basic, simple to learn, use for scripting, and attractive for Rapid Application Development, etc. Python is utilized as an essential language in numerous industrial domains like Data Science; Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and so on.

Why Enroll

Having expertise in Python will drastically improve your educational and career prospects. As it is a multi-purpose, feature-rich and powerful language for Data Scientists, AI Experts, and Web Programmers etc. Python is easy to learn the language, even compared to Java. You can even write the Python scripts manually to quickly automate things that provide greater value to beginners. So, learning Python will seriously make an important skill that will pay you throughout your career.

Career Prospects

Getting hands-on experiences in Python language is truly one of the most sought-after skills in the entire programming domain. Python tops the charts in the list of the most promising career options for Tech enthusiasts. In India and the US, most of the companies are on the constant lookout for the qualified and skilled workforce to meet the changing technology needs of customers. And we can say that the career opportunities in Python are growing in number across the world.

These are the multiple relevant job profiles for people who learn Python language:

  • Software Engineer

  • Python Developer

  • Research Analyst

  • Data Analyst

  • Data Scientist

  • Software Developer

Course Detail

Python is a language with a straightforward sentence structure and a ground-breaking set of libraries. It is known as an interpreted language, with a rich programming environment, including a powerful debugger and a profiler. While this Python course is simple for beginners to learn, it is broadly utilized in numerous logical regions for information investigation.

Python course will work as an introduction to the Python programming language for the students without an earlier programming background. We have secured the total schedule of Python with enough programs which give you unique experience for scoring great, inventing remarkable projects and excel in job interviews etc. 

In the Python course, we will cover data types, input/output operators, object-oriented programming statements, loops, mathematical functions, strings, etc. The course is well explained on board as well as their practical implementation is done on both interactive and scripting manner.


Introduction of Python
Features of Python
Version of Python
Execution Mode In Python
Introduction of Variables
Modes of Execution(Commands)
Introduction of Data Types
Number Data Type
String Data Type
List Data Type
Operations on List
Set Data Type
Tuple Data Type
Conversion Between Tuple & List Data Type
Dictionary Data Type
Data Type Conversion
Int() Method
Float() Method
Ord() And Chr() Method
Hex() And Oct() Method
Complex() Method
Tuple() And Set() Method
List() And Dict() Method
Str() Method
Eval() Method
Introduction of Operator
Arithmetic Operator
Divmod() Function
Comparision Operator
Assignment Operator
Bitwise Operator
Bitwise Operator(Continued)
Logical Operator
Membership Operator
Identity Operator
Example of Identity Operator
Operator Precedence Table
Introduction of Input & Output
Output Function
Introduction of Format Specifier
Introduction of Control Flow
If Construct & Flow Diagram
Example of If Construct
If Else Construct
If Elif Else Construct
Example of If Elif Else Construct
Introduction of While Loop
While Loop With Else Clause
Introduction of For Loop
Range() Function In For Loop
For Loop With Else Clause
Introduction of Break Statement
Continue Statement
Pass Statement
Summary of Control Flow
Number Base Conversion
Introduction of Mathematical Functions
Types of Mathematical Functions
Example on Ceil() And Trunc() Function
Mathematical Constant
Introduction of Random Number Function
Choice() And Shuffle() Random Function
Randint() And Seed() Function
Random() And Randrange() Function
Introduction of String
Slicing And Concatenation Operation
Repetition and Membership Operation
Methods In String
Upper() , Lower() And Title() Method
Swapcase(), Split() And Center() Method
Count() And Replace() Method
Join() And Find() Method
Len(), Min() & Max() Method
Isupper(), Islower() & Isalpha() Method
Isalnum(), Isdigit() & Isspace() Method
Istitle(), Startswith() & Endswith() Method
String Module

Python Language