IoT using Raspberry PI

Courses Information

IoT is the next big thing and for the technology enthusiasts it is the only thing that can help them in building smart projects. This course involves getting your hands on the sensors and actuators and setting up the network and collecting data sent by the sensors.

Why enroll

IoT is going to bring a revolution in the field of science and technology very soon and if you don't want to lag behind, then course is a must for you. For those who desire to get a good job in the field of IoT should never miss this amazing course.

Career prospects

There are various amazing job profiles for people who learn IoT using Raspberry Pi like:
  • IoT Engineer
  • IoT Developer
  • Embedded System Engineer

Course Detail

You'll be dealing with Raspberry Pi computer and a DHT sensor and will learn to set up machine to machine communication by using Python programming. The project involves making computer through Raspberry Pi and even blinking the LED. This course covers content from the very basics, so any of you who is interested in IoT and related technologies could enroll in this course. It'll be fun when you'll learn how to control devices from your computer and also over the internet.

Course Structure

  • IoT Introduction
    • IOT Overview
    • Components of IOT
  • Raspberry PI Intro
    • Introduction to Raspberry PI
  • Raspberry PI Desktop
    • Raspberry PI as Desktop
  • LED Blinking Using Raspberry PI
    • LED Blinking Using Raspberry PI
  • Sensor Introduction
    • Sensor Introduction
  • Using Sensor with Raspberry PI
    • Using Photosensor with Raspberry PI
  • Actuators
  • Home Automation using Bluetooth

What Our Students Say?

Edutainer has helped me to learn things that I couldn’t learn from my regular academic course. From learning to think in a new way, to learning by doing things practically, Edutainer has changed the meaning of technology for me.



With Edutainer I have developed my technological skills in the new age technologies currently used in the industry. I feel much more confident and industry ready and motivated to build and develop new technologies.