Compiler Design

Course Information

Compiler Design course is designed in such a way that you can understand and solve all the questions which are useful for GATE Exam. The main objective of this course is to introduce the major concept areas of language translation, compiler design and to develop an awareness of the function and complexity of modern compilers. The course will introduce the theory and tools that can be employed in order to perform syntax-directed translation of a high-level programming language into executable code in a standard manner.

Why Enroll

The course will help to understand and solve all the questions related to GATE exam. Compilers provide you with the theoretical and practical knowledge that is needed to implement a programming language. Once you learn to do compiler, you pretty much know the innards of many programming languages. Moreover, judging a programming language by its essential features will become easy for you.

Career Prospects

Learning this course will help you to make a career in different fields and positions such as

  • System Engineer
  • Compiler Engineer
  • Research Engineer

Course Detail

This course covers all the phases of a compiler such as lexical analysis, syntax analysis, semantic analysis, intermediate code generation, code optimization, target code generation, symbol table and error handler in details. It will help you to understand the difference between the analysis phase (front end) and synthesis phase (back end) of a compiler. Some of the tools like lex and yacc are also discussed in the compiler design course.

Course Structure

Introduction of compiler design
Phases of Compiler
Example on Phases of Compiler
Introduction of Symbol Table Manager
Operations on Symbol Table
Error Handling
Lexical Analysis
Introduction of Parser
Top-Down And Bottom-Up Parser
Introduction of Grammar
Conversion Rule For Ambigous To Unambigous Grammar
Introduction of Non-Deterministic & Deterministic Grammar
Left Recursive And Right Recursive Grammar-1
LL(1) Parser
First And Follow of Grammar
Example of First And Follow
Construction of LL(1) Parsing Table
Conditions For LL(1) Parser
Example of LL(1) Parser
Introduction of LR Parser
LR(0) Parser
SLR(1) Parser
Example of SLR(1) Parser
Introduction of CLR(1) And LALR(1) Parser
Example of CLR(1) Parser
Example of CLR(1) And LALR(1) Parser
Introduction of Intermediate Code Generation(ICG)
Types of Intermediate Code Generation
Representation of Intermediate Code Generation

What Our Students Say?

Edutainer has helped me to learn things that I couldn’t learn from my regular academic course. From learning to think in a new way, to learning by doing things practically, Edutainer has changed the meaning of technology for me.



With Edutainer I have developed my technological skills in the new age technologies currently used in the industry. I feel much more confident and industry ready and motivated to build and develop new technologies.