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The word Satellite may seem different and not attached to our daily lives to you.   But in actual, although satellites are hundreds or thousands of kilometers far above us.   But satellites serve our daily lives in so many different ways. And we can say that satellites are used almost every day by everyone. Although we can’t see the Satellites and they are probably traveling around the earth today. Satellites have many types and are widely used for many applications such as communication, oceanography, astronomy, surveillance, and a variety of other things as well.

Below we have described different ways by which the satellites are serving a role in our daily life.

The satellites are used for many things such as the communication, the oceanography, the astronomy, the surveillance; they help numerous researchers to get a discerning perspective at a wide range of objects anywhere on the planet in our day-to-day life. Below are some examples showing the use of them:

In Watching T.V./Live-broadcasts

To get from the match field to your T.V. screen, the complete live coverage of the match is transmitted by the satellites. As a result of this, you get the chance to cheer-up for your favorite team during a match from your living room directly.

Seeing Your Loved Ones

With just a touch only you get connect to your friends and family over a phone call or a video call/conference. Thanks to Technology!

Posting an Instagram/Facebook Story

With the super high-speed internet satellite, your story is zipped through the stars before reaching your friends.

Role in Your Day-to-Day Meal

The farmers use radar satellites pictures to decide the best time to irrigate their fields and reap their wheat. As the grains develop in the field, satellites were most likely looking on from above.

Paying for Your Bank Transaction

Bank transactions seem easy but the mechanism used behind is crucial. You may have questioned yourself how does your money get transfer from your account to a merchant’s account. In actual, a satellite link is established between the two ends. And the Space makes it possible for you to get your connection get fixed without any stop.

Finding Out about the Weather to Plan a Trip

Satellites gather huge amounts of information on temperature, precipitation, clouds movement and wind directions. At the point when that information is examined, the climate can be anticipated (regardless of whether the estimate isn’t constantly perfect).

Tracking Your Loved Ones Flight in Real-Time

To obtain a particular flight’s position in the sky, airplanes transmit a signal to a constellation of satellites. With these coordinates, air traffic controllers can ensure the safety of flying aircraft, and you can figure out what time to go and pick up your friend at the airport.

Real-Time Directions of Your Destination

Now the time is so advanced that one can get the best possible shortest route for his/her destination by avoiding traffic, potholes, and more as much as possible. The navigation app (Google Map) used outlines the quickest route and highlights road blockages, accidents, stopped cars, etc. along the way.

About Ocean Life Announcements

Satellites are used in oceanography.  The satellites can be used to detect the effect of oceans on the environment, to analyze wave patterns, and in an overall ocean life monitoring.

As from the above facts, it is obvious that satellites are a fundamental piece of regular day to day existence and are completely associated with Technology. They have a huge number of uses and perform without ever being seen to anyone physically. You can simply think now that what number of satellite dishes you have seen over a house and that is from one perspective only. Satellites are winding up increasingly in a more propelling way each year and will lead the way into the 21st century and future too. Thanks to Team ISRO to keep moving and doing extremely well in contributing to our day-to-day life to make it much easier and setting examples like Chandrayaan2

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