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For making the youth innovative and creative, technology is critical, but still the schools couldn’t grab the attention of many students in this field. But teaching robotics can surely change this. Robotics is all set to bring newness in the digital world and we can expect it to do wonders in the education sector as well. If you think that robotics is just meant for the college going students, then after reading this blog your point of view will change. The small kids nowadays are even smarter than the adults and they are more interested in things that take their curiosity to the next level. And robots are seriously the most amusing thing for them. Robotics can be a striking way to allow the kids maintain an intriguing relation with the technology.

Worldwide many initiatives have been taken by the government to include robotics in the syllabus of the school and we hope that in future this initiative is going to produce good results too. There are various evidences which proves that kids are always impressed by hi-tech things like even an 8-year-old loves to watch the Transformers movies or be happy playing with remote control cars or talking toys.

If you are still stuck into old school and have a notion that robotics is more of an adult thing, then read the below given points.

It’s fun for them:

Kids love playing with Lego sets and the first thing that they create with them is a robot and then they run a race. If you have seen your kids doing this, then they are eager and ready to know more about the robots and their working, but sadly this topic isn’t included in the school’s curriculum. Children won’t even get bored while studying robotics, as it involves more of practical knowledge and less of theory and cramming. If you ask me, then there are only two ways of introducing IT in the school’s curriculum and they are computer game designing and robotics.

The best way to make kids familiar with programming:

There’s no doubt that robotics is abstract, but it can be made interesting by showing students what all tasks a robot can do. Through a robot, the student can know the latest developments in the field of technology. Also, this will satisfy the increasing demand of making the younger generation familiar with technology and hardware. Children will get excited about the programming and advanced usage of hardware and will learn about engineering, science and mathematics in a deep manner. For creating potential future engineer, this is definitely going to help.

Useful skills for future employment are gained:

In the foreseeable future, we know that the need of people who can program and work comfortably with mechanical devices is going to increase for sure. Even the drone industry has taken off and on an average 15,000 drones are sold per month, which is the reason enough to learn more about mechanics and hardware. By getting the kids involved in robotics, we can discover if they have the skill and curiosity in the job market of the future.

Not just in India, but the wave of hardware technology is going to hit the people all around the world. So, no matter where you are and what role you want to get in the industry, knowledge of machines and robotics is beneficial for all of us.

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