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Python was planned by Guido van Rossum in the late Eighties. It has the capability of exception handling and to interface with the Ameba software package. It was implemented in Dec. 1989.
Many Python programmers use the language to create extensive websites, perform multi-task and develop learning algorithms. Python is an integrated, object-oriented and a high-level programming language which has gained worldwide attention.

Wondering Why to Learn Python Programming Language?
Python proves to be a simple language that contains a syntax which is right for learning Python as a primary language. Python produces a well-furnished commonplace library with the inclusion of external libraries area units. Libraries are undoubtedly loved by the developers. As Python consists of a collection of superb standard libraries, web service tools, and operating system protocols. It is considered as the most important of the Python language. This allows for developing multi-functional applications.

The Sudden Upturn in Python Language
Although Python is not well known among web designers. But in the 21st century, Google made a few deviations in Python fundamental . As per the training statics and piece of the overall industry information posted on as of now, Python 2 is being utilized by 99.4% sites. And, Python 3 is utilized distinctly by 0.6% sites.

Unique Features
The most unique thing about Python language is it’s no requirement of lengthy coding. It is dynamic, interactive, portable, object-oriented and extensible language.

Speed of Programming
Python language has powerful process integration features, unit testing framework, and great control capabilities. It makes programmers develop unique, robust and scalable programming features. But it takes time in execution of the programs than expected due to its interpreted nature. So, to use Python language for web application development is not considered as the right choice.

Not an Appropriate Performance in Mobile Computing Programming
Due to security reasons, Python is not considered for client-side applications. It is a server-side language. So, for mobile-based applications, Python is not recommended by the programmers.

Testing Time to Process the Programs
Python language gets complains about its more time used to test Python-based web applications. It should also be considered when you need to deliver the application in a particular time frame.

Step-by-Step Highlights about Python

  • Simple to learn and use language
  • Expressive language
  • Translated language
  • Free and open source
  • Extensible language
  • Enormous standard library
  • GUI programming
  • Constantly evolving language
  • Coordinated language
  • Application of Python

  • In web-application
  • In work area GUI western application
  • In programming development programs
  • In logical and numerical operations
  • Serving all types of business and support based application
  • Sound and video-based applications
  • 3D-CAD applications
  • Venture applications
  • Images related applications
  • The Known Python Releases

  • Old Version-Python v0.1.0 (Releases 1990)
  • Most recent Version-Python v3.7.0 (Jun’2018 and proceeded)
  • Top Companies Embracing Python Programming Language

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • NASA
  • Nokia
  • Walt Disney Feature Animation
  • Yippee Maps
  • Future Technologies relying on Python
  • Man-made brainpower (AI)
  • Huge Data
  • Systems administration
  • AI
  • Conclusion
    Although Python language is used for web applications and has some cons as well. But Python proves to be the simplest and easy to use programming language. Currently, Python language is in high demand for its usage in the field of Data Science as well. The developers use Python for end-to-end, quality, and robust applications. The greatest advantages of Python language includes the use of code lines, easy debugging, and smooth maintenance, etc.

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