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Over the years, India has proved its worthiness with increasing per capital income and abundance of human capital. No doubt, our country is one of the largest economies around the world and is running well with other countries like China and US. But, there’s an issue with the millennial, as they have a notion that they lack confidence and skills in order to compete with the global counterparts. This isn’t completely false, as we all are aware about the incompetency of our education system.

There’s a gaping void which indicated that there is an urgent need to bring a change in the Indian education system. Ask yourself, are you completely satisfied with your academic achievements? No, right!! The reason is that the skills we have are becoming redundant in the digital economy. Now, we need new skills and require more innovation to match up with the new world. The innovative models of learning have also become very popular nowadays and students want the education to include the topics of the future instead of focusing on the things of the past. Even the companies like Facebook has shown their faith in the opportunities in India by investing $50 million in an e-learning app.


India has the highest number of students in the world which is 315 million and 120 million from these are in the age group of 18-22 years. Thus, we have the best chance of getting students who are sufficient and capable of catering the economic needs of our country. But, for this we need to provide them with right way of learning and the appropriate fields to work in.

It’s true that more than 1000 universities would be required in the coming years to fulfil the spiking demand, but this isn’t enough. If you ask me, then I don’t think that the current education system can provide us all we need. The primary thing we need to do is to adapt the world-class facilities and education systems.

By education system, we can make the students practically sound. In other countries practical knowledge is what matters more than the theoretical knowledge. But, here in India we are still defendant on viva, oral tests, and remembering the dates and stuff.

The modern generation strongly believes that in order to succeed just reading the books and memorising the facts isn’t enough. They want to do things with their hands and then verify the theory, as they don’t want to believe something just because it is written in the books.

Although many apps have entered in the market like Edutainer to offer the students an online platform to learn whatever they find interesting, the government should also take some steps. It’s high time that the stakeholders recognize the condition and improve it before the brain drain transfers all the talent in our nation to other countries.

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