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In the past few years machine learning is being headed for a major growth spurt. The total was $1 billion in the year 2016 and according to the recent surveys it will be $40 billion by the end of 2025. So, the big question is how did it happen so suddenly and from where all that growth came from? The experts say that it is coming from everywhere.

This is also the the effect of the shift of the industries from retail to hardware and media. Any top e-commerce and tech giant you can name is following the trend and want to make the most of this explosive technology. In this blog, we are going to talk about some of them.


We all know this platform and we even use it on a daily basis. It is basically a social media channel which allows us to post photos and videos that we want to share with others. Earlier there was an issue with the thumbnails, as if they aren’t right, then people won’t click. But, Twitter has found the solution for this problem by using the neural networks. It’s for sure that that they are utilizing machine learning to adjust the pictures of the users and make them more compelling and of low resolution. This way the users won’t see more number of doorknobs, but funny signs.


Now, this is one of the most popular retail giants around the world from where more than 500 million shop. But, the journey of every customer is different here, because Alibaba track and tailor each of them in a distinct manner. The virtual storefronts of Alibaba are personalised for each customer. Even the search results show the most suitable products for the shopper. Alibaba uses a conversational chat-bot named Ali Xiaomi which deals with most of the inquiries written by the customer. So, you can say that these people have built every element of theirs engaging enough for the users. The more the customer shops, the more machine knows what does the shopper wants.


This name isn’t unknown to you and recently they even filed a patent which infers that it’s prioritising cross-device customization. In the coming few years, we can expect that your Apple watch can suggest you a playlist in iTunes that matches your heartbeat goal in other app.


This one is also another retail giant, which effectively use machine learning to forecast purchase behaviour, but also the pregnancy. The mechanism which Target follows is so precise that it can also find out in which trimester the woman is. With advanced machine learning they can also pick up the patterns of buying and recommend products to their customers.

These were just a few and in the future, there are going to be many more who will make use of machine learning to improve the customer experience and their sales simultaneously. Thus, you can say that machine learning has a wide scope in the coming years. If you are still don’t know enough about machine learning or artificial intelligence, then Edutainer has all the courses for you. Visit our site now.


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