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Since the rise of technology, we have been afraid of the day when humans will be no more needed for the jobs and machines will replace us. Like in the 1700s when the steam engine was introduced, people thought that the jobs of many people who were involved in carrying people from one place to other would get affected. But, in real it brought many new and improved jobs. May be the manual jobs were eliminated, but for other tasks like operating machines and maintenance work, more people were required.

Now, after almost 250 years, we know that continuous transformation is going on in the field of technology and science and soon there’ll be more of machines in the companies. Amazon already has more than 30,000 kiva robots in its warehouse and for pick and pack jobs. Moreover, the demand of software developers is also on the rise and as per a famous saying ‘Software is eating the world’.

In the next few years, we can expect that the inception of Internet of Things (IoT) will be there to enhance the efficiency and also to quash the labor. Even in various countries you can find automated machines working in place of waste collectors. Drones are also there to decrease the time we used to take to survey a piece of land and many more examples are there. So, we can say that IoT will also replace the low-skill jobs with the high-skill jobs. Thus, we no more have to do the boring and repetitive jobs on our own and machines will be there to help us. But, the more crucial aspect of introduction of IoT will create jobs that can help businesses to attain their goals.

Let’s talk about some of the modern IoT jobs that are going to hit the job market soon.

Chief Internet of Things Officer

Companies are now in search of people who can comfortably deal with advanced machines and can also take various technology decisions to steer the track of the business. He/she would also be responsible for the development of various IoT products and collecting data from them. This data will be considered in taking actions for growing the profits.

IoT Business Designer:

People working on this profile would be technology-driven IoT experts who will be applying the sensors and cheap radios for business development. Also, they’ll be creative leaders who would look for business issues whose resolution lies in IoT. So basically, they use IoT technology for business.

Full Stack Developer:

Now this profile is not new, as I have a few friends who are working as a Full Stack Developer. They have to work with both back-end and front-end technologies such as databases, infrastructure or back-end coding and with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, etc. But, yes IoT has more to it, so the given technologies aren’t enough and people have to learn more to become a full stack developer.

It’s true that IoT is going to bring numerous opportunities, but one can use them only when he/she knows the in and outs of IoT. The advanced science isn’t easy to understand and only experts can help you. I would suggest you to join a course online, as we all know how much we get to learn in schools and colleges when we talk about the advanced level of technology. You can do an IoT course online at Edutainer at a very amazing cost. Visit www.edutainer.in now to know more.

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