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Several different innovative technologies that lay with us today are paving their way to shape tomorrow’s networking platforms. By simply evolving these technologies we advance the networking platform that will completely reshape the way our societies produce, collaborate, govern, and innovate. Technologies like 5G will not only change the course of the telecom industry but also create several new opportunities for different kinds of business models and industries.

The much-awaited 5G revolution will forward us into an era of ubiquitous, high-capacity radio. Taking the latency and lagging rates down, it will surely be a game-changer for all mobile users around the world. Imagine playing a multiplayer game like Fortnight on your VR headset all through your phone while cruising in your self-driving car without any lag. It might sound like a far-fetched future but sit tight as we take you through the workings of 5G and how it’s going to revolutionize everything.

What is 5G?

To put it in a nutshell, 5G is the most flexible and dynamic generation of mobile connectivity, leveraging core and cloud-native applications. The era of 5G will be defined by several evolutionary changes within the standard of 5G wireless technology. As a flexible radio interface, the pace of change within the 5G smartphone market will be relentless. From browsing the internet even from the remotest of corners to seamlessly connecting with IoT devices to exchanging cryptocurrencies, 5G can make it all happen.

While the convergence of 5G lays several different opportunities, we must delve deeper and know how it will change the smartphone industry.

Given the power and speed of 5G networks, it’s fair to ask where the smartphone industry will be headed once the 5G mobile technology becomes more abundant.

5G represents a network that is a thousand times more powerful than its predecessors. Already, several companies have started to roll out 5G smartphones to gain an edge and bank on their unlimited potential. Although expensive 5G will soon overshadow 4G as the smartphone companies shift their focus to economies of scale.

The most well-known benefits of 5G are reduced latency rates as compared to 4G and a sharp resilience against performance degradation in densely packed areas. You will be able to seamlessly play your favorite games, browse the internet even from the basement, and use AR technology among others. As 5G utilizes small cell towers communicating with your 5G Smartphone on millimeter-wave frequencies, these towers can efficiently and effectively serve their purpose.

With the introduction of services like Google Stadia where a customer would expect a seamless transition between multiple platforms without any disruption, all eyes will be on 5G to make it possible. A 5G smartphone will enhance your communication with the cloud by flawlessly syncing data, connecting with servers and many other things.

Giants like Qualcomm have already announced the beginning of its sampling phase for 5G antenna modules. These antennas are known as microscopic receivers that are designed to be installed on tablets and smartphones and are capable of sending and receiving high frequencies.

The race towards making the biggest switch to 5G is on, and cannot wait to see what the future would look like for 5G smartphones.


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