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Nowadays, businesses are in search of ways that can help them save cost and could even reduce the infrastructure staffing needs. The first thing that comes to their mind is automation and the latest trend in this field is cloud automation. Also, due to the inefficiency of the old methodologies like waterfall approach, companies couldn’t take full advantage of the DevOps technology. This has also compelled the businesses to pair up with cloud automation. You can say that DevOps is the Yin to the cloud automation’s Yang. With this one can achieve a centralized control on the continual deployments while combining the real time speed and resilience.

For all those who are new to the cloud world, we are first going to discuss about what is cloud DevOps. We can call it the procedure of designing, assessing and providing your services with a help of a virtual platform that is stored in the cloud. As the whole process takes place in a virtual place, i.e. the cloud all of this can be automated and this offers an excellent method of delivery.

Here are a few more reasons to switch to cloud automation…

1.It’s faster:

It’s true that DevOps can speed up the delivery schedule for an IT project, but this speed isn’t enough for getting the required speed. The needs are changing continuously and one needs to keep up the pace with that. If your company want fast deployments and working on DevOps and cloud, then all the latency issues can be resolved by the cloud automation.

2.It’s even safer than your local hardware:

People have a notion that if they’d store their sensitive data on the cloud rather than storing it in a local hardware system, then it is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. But what you don’t know is that continuous developments are going on in the cloud world and now it has become much safer. You can now enjoy real-time monitoring and various other security measures. Also, in the cloud the segments of data are stored in various places and you are at no risk of losing all at once like in a local hardware.

3.You can easily manage it:

When all your data is available in the cloud, you can manage it in an easy manner. There have been many localized companies, which have faced issues in terms of centralized delivery of the product. But when we talk about the distribution complexities, then these can be completely eliminated with the usage of cloud storage. The need for manual operation also vanishes, as there are a smaller number of moving parts. Also, there is no need for hardware maintenance.

So, what do you think? Isn’t it the time to speed up the launch of your products and make it even safer? Cloud automation can surely help you, there are many cloud services available like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft’s Azure and more. Don’t delay, try one now!!!

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