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What is Artificial Intelligence?

In general, we can refer to it as a field of Computer Science where we can teach the machine to learn and think by itself. Simply it makes the machine smarter. It emphasizes covering the creation of intelligent machines that can react like humans.  It also has a vast impact on the development of technology like Web Applications and also over Software Development.

How to use Artificial Intelligence in Web Development?

We have witnessed the use of websites since the early 90s where Tim Berners-Lee posted the first website over the internet. After that, we have seen a lot of innovation in web development technology. We have gone through simple text-based and HTML based websites to highly interactive websites, also from simple text-based pages to pages with highly interactive audio and visual elements.

Nowadays due to the easy accessibility of internet users spend a lot of time over the web, whether it is for Education, Shopping or Entertainment so it has become a need of developers to add more interactivity to the web and create some more attractive and intelligent interfaces. Artificial Intelligence provides a means to create websites that fulfill the requirements of the current scenario.

Artificial Intelligence as a Developer Tool:-

You might be familiar with a lot of webs developing and designing tools that allow the developers to develop websites more efficiently and fast. Instead of writing full code to create a website developer may use some AI-based websites like Wix.com very trending nowadays to create an attractive website very quickly. Apart from this web designing also plays a very important role that how you design your website so that users may feel entertained and comfortable to use your website. The reach of Artificial Intelligence is not less in this field also. Web designers can now use a lot of technologies to design their websites.

Advantages of using Artificial Intelligence to Develop Web:-

You might have visited a lot of websites where you have experienced the use of Artificial Intelligence like the use of chatbots that communicate with the visitor in real-time making it an interactive conversation. You might also be familiar with new technologies like Facebook Pixel which is used by E-commerce websites to attract the client this is a perfect example of Artificial Intelligence. There are some other major advantages listed below: –

  1. It makes searching easy and fast.
  2. Enhancing the customer experience.
  3. It provides the means to interact with a target audience.


As the world is getting advanced day by day it is a good step to use Artificial Intelligence in the Web development field to make it easy and fast. It might be able to solve complex problems which might not be a hectic task for a developer to perform. So, Artificial Intelligence can change the way to develop and introduce new concepts and can provide power to enhance the future of web development.


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