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We all have heard about IoT (Internet of Things) and nowadays it is becoming one of the most talked about topics amongst the youngsters and technology enthusiasts. You won’t believe, but by the end of 2020 there’ll be more than 31 billion IoT devices around the world. Over the years, people have developed some very intriguing concepts of IoT and they are definitely going to transform the way we live and work. In this blog, we are going to talk about the most amazing IoT solutions and devices that you’d surely want to buy soon.

Smart Minivan: Automobile is one of the first industries that will experience major transformations due to the availability of the Internet of Things. The cars of future will surely include more of electronics and technology in them. The best example is Smart Minivan by Volkswagen, which was introduced during the CES 2016. It allows the users to use gestures and verbal commands to control the vehicle. You can charge it in just 15 minutes. It’ll be available commercially by the year 2020.

Sleep Number it Bed: This IoT product sounds very unusual, but it will have a big impact on our health in the coming few years. It is a type of smart bed, which is designed to collect the sleeping data of a person with the use of IoT sensors and record things like breathing, heartbeat rate and also track movements. All this can be seen in its related mobile app and thus the user can identify his/her sleeping patterns and other valuable insights. The best part is that this smart bed can also interact with other devices and cloud-based services.

LG’s Signature Fridge: In just a few years, the internet-connected refrigerators and various other smart home appliances will be helping us in our homes. LG has also entered the race and is betting on their Signature Refrigerator that comes with a panel on the right-hand side. This panel allows the users to look in the fridge without any need to open the doors. I am sure that this technology will gain mainstream traction in a few years. There’s more, which is the fridge will open automatically once it senses the user approaching with its built-in sensors.



Smart Locks: IoT enabled smart locks are already available in the market and to keep an eye on your house or office, they are just perfect. They can let your friends and family members enter your house when you are not around and even stop the strangers from trespassing your property. The most amusing thing about these locks is that you can answer the doorbell while sitting in a different room.

The Intelligent Oven: Intelligent ovens by the June company are a recent entry into the IoT solutions’ world and they are designed to do various types of cooking. These come with built-in sensors which helps them in analyzing the ingredients that are required for a particular dish and even find the right way to cook. For working people this can be a day savior

After looking at the list, you might be thinking that you need all these IoT solutions. Sadly, they cost too much!!

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