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Artificial Intelligence has already created a buzz in the technology industry and in the year 2019, it is going to take over the smartphones too. Although AI phones work on a neural processor, there are a few apps which can allow you to relish the taste of AI on any platform. Here are a few options that you can check out now..

Microsoft Pix (iOS)

This is a camera app by Microsoft which make use of AI to analyze the landscape and could even adjust the settings to offer the best possible results. It is capable of identifying human faces in the scene and could then prioritize the capture of the best shot. With this app, you can even scan the business cards and add the contact details to your phone directly.

Picai – Smart AI Camera (Android)

This app initially asks the user about the photo preferences, so that when you’ll start clicking the pictures it can automatically detect your type (wall, wood, poster, landscape, pattern, etc.). It’s AI also allows suggesting the user two filters that will be the best for improving the photos. Adjusting the intensity of images is also possible with this app.

Story Board (Android)

Research at Google created this app and it is available for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. I personally love this app a lot, as it converts any of your videos into comics. After you have loaded video in the StoryBoard application, the AI will process it and you’ll get your videos in the form of a comic-style storyboard. You can try various filters and make a comic page. If you are not satisfied with the result on your screen you just have to pull the screen down and more pages will appear.

Now, when we talk about voice assistant apps, then there are many like Google Assistant for Android phones or Siri for iPhones. The voice assistants function works because of Artificial Intelligence only.

There are more, but we’ll talk about them some other time. Let’s wrap it up here only. If you want to know more about Artificial Intelligence, then Edutainer has all the material for you. Visit www.edutainer.in now.

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