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In the past ten years, technology has experienced a tremendous growth in terms of usage, complexity and even impact. Today we have AI-powered digital assistants, humanoids like Sophia and more with us to make our daily lives comfortable and easier. The cities like Bangalore and Delhi have already installed charging stations for e-rickshaws and mobiles and we can expect more in the coming few months.

If we talk about Artificial Intelligence, then it is already everywhere and robotics has started taking huge steps in the digital world. Other surprises are machine learning and data analytics which are performing excellently and offering us good results.

Let’s check out what all technologies are going to take part in the technological revolution this year.


Personal Robotics


You won’t believe, but robots are already doing majority of the work in the industries. Soon they’ll be doing all those mundane tasks which we don’t like at all. There are many robotic entrants, which are already impressing us by their satisfying jobs. The models of robot have also been made similar to humans, so that they can mingle with us. Number of companies around the world have bought the personal robots for variety of jobs. The most amusing fact about the robots is that they are mobile and can be easily controlled by the humans. This is why in automobile manufacturing plants, you can find many robots doing the repetitive tasks.

Although robotics has reached an advanced level, but perfection hasn’t been attained yet. For example, wheeled robots couldn’t deal the obstacles while moving or it takes too long to design a humanoid; both these reasons make robots unsuitable for our environment. But in 2019 we can surely expect various improvements and more number of robots around us. Robots in some or the other form are already there around us, like automatic vacuum cleaner, crane and more. Who knows, if 2019 might bring one more humanoid like Sophia?

Real Artificial Intelligence will amaze us

The technology of Artificial Intelligence was born in the year 1950 and the most recent addition in this field is machine learning. Actually, the form of AI which we want should be intelligent, adaptable and even faster. Currently, the level of AI we have is a bit slower and requires many advancements.

Many companies like IBM, Hanson Robotics, etc. are working hard in this field and soon we’ll be surrounded with the most evolved technical stuff, such as smart cities, smart cars and more. Due to the evolution of the cloud-based platforms it has now become easier to keep ourselves updated with the latest entries in the technical arena.

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and all the other stuff have just entered the game and there still a long way to go. But, until then you can prepare yourself for the future technologies through our courses in IoT, Robotics and more. For more details, visit www.edutainer.in now.

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