Edutainer Affiliate Program

Join and Become a Part of a leading Educational company Edutainer to earn a good amount of money for every lead you bring in and get a credit of 30for every sale.


Why Should You Join the Edutainer Affiliate Program?

Edutainer Affiliate Program is a leading B2B affiliate program which will help you earn a passive income by promoting one of the fastest-growing learning companies worldwide.

Earn Easy Money 

Every time you bring in a lead that happily agrees to sign a contract with us, we will become twice as happy to share a part of the deal value with you. You get paid every time you bring in a lead and 30% of the deal value when the lead becomes a paying customer for us.

On-Time Payment

Edutainer will take care of your desires; you just take care of spreading the word about Edutainer and leave the rest to us. We ensure you are paid on-time for your efforts and in your local currency, for your convenience.

Proved Easy Promotion

Promoting courses has never been easier. All you need to do from your end is to let the world know about Edutainer amazing courses and share a referral link with them. We will provide all the support you need, to be successful, from our end.

How to Become a Part of the Edutainer Affiliate Program

Step 1:

Signup for the program

Step 2:

Share your unique Promo code link

Step 3:

Sit back and watch money pouring into your Account

Congratulation! You become ā€œEdutainer Affiliate Partnerā€

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible to become an Edutainer Affiliate?

Anybody can become an affiliate partner with Edutainer. You are at an advantage if you have prior experience in selling B2B courses.

Iā€™m interested. How do I signup?

All you need to do is fill in your details here. You can get started right away.

Is an agreement required to become an Edutainer Affiliate?

By signing up to the Affiliate Program you agree to our terms and conditions

Is there any membership fee involved?

No. You sign up for the Affiliate Program for free

I wish to become an Affiliate Partner with Edutainer. How do I start?

You can start by filling out the Affiliate partner program registration form, here.

How do I signup to sell more than one product?

If you wish to sell more than one course with us, all you need to do is, signup for the new course using the same email ID you used to sign up for the 1st course. After you signup, you will be able to see the option to switch between different courses and monitor the performance within your dashboard.

For how long will the signup be credited to the affiliate after the first click?

A lead clicks a link or banner that includes your tracking code. As soon as the lead clicks on your link a cookie is saved. The cookie lifetime is 90 days. This means that even if a lead signs up during the last, 90th day after clicking your affiliate link, you will still receive a commission for your referral.

Are there any limits on the amount I can make a commission?

No. You are encouraged to bring in as many valid leads as you can.

How do I promote Edutainer?

You can promote Edutainer in any way you can. Here are some suggestions from our end

  • Social media posts
  • Banner ads
  • Email marketing
  • Blogs

In case of any query, whom do I reach out to?

You can email us at [email protected] anytime you have a question.