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About Machine Learning(ML)

Machine Learning has become a hype around the universe; by this, I mean it has been effectively used to create AIs and programs that self work and understand the queries without even a line of extra coding.

Yes! Thats right, Machine Learning has revolutionized the world on how we used to see the machines. Now automation has become the critical factor of every fortune company to increase their productivity to skyrockets.

Machine learning doesn’t only solve business problems but clarifies our daily issues by implemented in our day to day device – Mobile Phone.

Technology has evolved around helping and solving humankind problems. This has let us reach a  level where even a Google assistant can solve our maximum issues by letting us know what we want at the moment. ​Crazy right?

History of Machine learning

In 1952 Arthur Samuel(IBM) invented a self-playing game software which could learn by itself the checkers game and further, the self-learning software achieved a practical skill to challenge the world champion.

The term Machine Learning was given in 1959 by the same person Arthur Samuel.

Effect of Machine Learning

Machine learning

Machine Learning had a massive impact on daily software and business. When multiple software and company started adapting Machine Learning in their programs, they started becoming Intelligent day by day by utilizing the user data to analyze and study the behavior and provide accurate suggestions.

Consider Google as an example; Google has refined their artificial intelligence built by the terms machine to great heights which can predict what we want to search in the engine and However  Google provides us with accurate information.

This is only possible with immense data that is analyzed each and every day, improvising itself on a  daily basis.

Effects on the marketing sector

Effect on marketing secotor

After the Make money online boom, people have started initiating their businesses first online and then in traditional retail. This massive increase in the online store and organizations, the competition for marketing has raised the bar too.

People are putting Millions of dollars daily in internet marketing, whether it be GoogleAds or  Facebook Ads. Companies are competing with each other to be ahead of their race.

Seeing this increase, companies like Google and Facebook are implementing newer and newer technologies to improve the user experience of marketers to spend more money on advertisements.

And the leading technology implemented is Machine Learning to provide Target audience, Data insights, Demographics and more to the marketers to market their products effectively.

Algorithms decide what we like

Algorithms decide what we like.

Yes, that’s true, Machine Learning has made it possible by gathering an enormous amount of data and learning through it daily. Hence this helping the program to identify our behavior and actions and thus providing us with precise suggestions.

Rise in automation

Rise in Automation

Automation has become the primary feature of a man, without even noticing we are automating things which were not also possible precisely 50 years before.

However, Machine learning is the future, and it has already taken automation to the next level.  Completing actions with just our voice commands is something that we always saw in Sci-fi movies when we were kids. And on top of that being accurate and efficient in listening and processing the power and giving a desired output or result, sometimes feels like magic!

Reducing the Cost of many sectors

Reducing the Cost of many sectors. 

Machine Learning is slowly building a shortage in need of man employment in particular areas. As these are self-automated, which can drive cars on their selves(Tesla Motors), control our whole home appliances with just one device and more(Google Home).

On the other side, businesses are saving money and energy by implementing these new strategies,  also making their companies more productive and profitable with the use of Machine Learning.


  • As you can already realize that Machine learning as started to take over the new technologies and been implemented in new upcoming companies too.
  • However, the future of machine learning is much brighter than it is now, yes, it may create some complications, but it will just keep on building to make a mans life more comfortable and better.
  • Whether it be in Education, Dating, Fitness, or Business, the future of Machine Learning is endless.

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