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IoT is a concept of connecting any devices to the internet or to each other. This can be anything from wearable devices, wash machine, lamps to serious things like heart monitor implants and cancer treatment. The technology IoT also can sense surrounding in many ways such as pressure, temperature, and geo-positioning.

IoT also allows us to use affordable wireless technology and transmit the data into the cloud server at a component level and also provides a place to save data as well as management and security.

Real world Example of Internet of Thing (IoT):

   1. Smart Home

Smart home using IoT

With IoT creating the buzz, ‘Smart Home’ is the most searched IoT associated feature on Google. But, what is a Smart Home?

Wouldn’t you love if you could switch on the air conditioning before reaching home or switch off lights even after you have left home? Or unlock the doors to friends for temporary access even when you are not at home. Don’t be surprised with IoT taking shape companies are building products to make your life simpler and convenient.

The cost of owning a house is the biggest expense in a homeowner’s life. Smart Home products are promised to save time, energy and money.

     2. Wearables

IoT wearable device

 Wearables remains a hot topic too. As consumers await the release of Apple’s new smartwatch in April 2015, there are plenty of other wearable innovations to be excited about: like the Sony Smart B Trainer, the Myo gesture control, or LookSee bracelet. Of all the IoT startups, wearables maker Jawbone is probably the one with the biggest funding to date. It stands at more than half a billion dollars!

     3. Connected Cars

Connected cars using IoT

The automotive digital technology has focused on optimizing vehicles internal functions. But now, this attention is growing towards enhancing the in-car experience.

A connected car is a vehicle which is able to optimize its own operation, maintenance as well as the comfort of passengers using onboard sensors and internet connectivity.

        4. Smart City

Smart city

The smart city spans a wide variety of use cases, from traffic management to water distribution, to waste management, urban security, and environmental monitoring. Its popularity is fueled by the fact that many Smart City solutions promise to alleviate the real pains of people living in cities these days. IoT solutions in the area of Smart City solve traffic congestion problems, reduce noise and pollution and help make cities safer.

 Internet of Things is surely taking our world by storm. 2008 was a turning point when there were more ‘Things’ connected to the Internet than humans. Now, the number of Internet-connected things is growing exponentially bringing in new job roles and career opportunities to those who are proficient in IoT technology and are well-versed in its deployment, management, and security.

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