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What is Automation?

It can be defined as a process to develop technology that allows us to control a process and let the system operate automatically without less human assistance. It is the technique by which we can control any process by automatic means. In future we can use these techniques, to perform tedious tasks. Through automation, we can create self-governing systems. Automation can be defined more broadly as a method to create self-automated systems that can solve complex problems without any human assistance. These systems will be capable of creating their clones on their own and can control the execution of instructions.

The future of Automation:-

The development and innovation in technologies like AI and Robotics have brought the automation to a tipping point that we can see in our day to day observations. Nowadays, we are familiar with machines that can perform the bulk of functions without any human intervention and assistance. The Automation is not only increasing workforce capability but also executing and performing tedious tasks. In future machines will perform complex tasks autonomously.

You can imagine the world where half of the things around you are automated. According to a survey from the economic forum in the year 2030, we will be living in the Dynamic world and addressing “moon shot” societal changes in the field of science and technology. Automation can create a world where we will be having smarter technologies driven by the internet of things (IoT). We will witness a new generation where more capable autonomous systems will be developed for our convenience.

A single autonomous system will be capable of performing tasks equals hundreds of people, this will be the power of Automation and in the future, it will rule the way we live today. Automation will provide us with a lot of ease in integration and will alter the way we work and manage things. It will reduce the labor cost and will increase management and production in the industry. It will destroy jobs in the future and will affect employment. Although it will also create new jobs in the long run.

How automation will affect employment in the future:- 

As almost every industry will be adopting automation in the future that will reduce their labor costs, so there will be fewer opportunities for employment. In the future where everything will be automated, less opportunity for work will be there. In the future, there will be a huge requirement of employers that would be having quite good skills in Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. It will create new ways of earning for the people.

We have witnessed automated businesses like eBay and Uber; just like this, there will be other automated businesses in the future that will change the way we live and work. This will create a new path for Entrepreneurs. There will be a need for more expertise employees in the future.

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